Almeda University Accreditation

Several globally recognized associations have conferred Almeda University Accreditation for its commitment to the advancement of online education.

The Committee for Distance Education Accreditation has conferred accreditation upon Almeda University. The CDEA is a Division of Alliance of International Education Assessors (AIEA). Its accreditation audit process includes an assessment of:

almeda university accreditation assessment Recruitment policies and methods, marketing, publicity and promotion
almeda university accreditation process Counseling services, printed materials and online content
almeda university accreditation assessment Admission process, fee payments and contractual arrangements
almeda university accreditation student support Student support, computer-based training delivery methods
almeda university accreditation integration Integration and maintenance of systems and services, record keeping, and archiving
almeda university accreditation quality education Commitment to high quality educational values, customer service and business practices

The services of CDEA are specific to international open and distance universities, colleges, schools and private institutions.

Another Almeda University Accreditation comes from the Association for Online Academic Excellence and is a member in good standing of the Association of International Education Assessor, the United States Distance Learning Committee, the Committee for Adult and Experiential Learning, and the National Association of Online Academic Assessors.

Lastly, Almeda has earned accreditation from the Interfaith Education Ministries. The IEM provides certificates of measurement and evaluation of educational and professional credentials and practices of traditional, nontraditional, religious and other online and distance education programs.

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